The 8th Air Force GIF Project

Digital media is what I do, it’s what I enjoy and a big part of who I am. I recently started re-reading Gareth Branwyn’s Jamming the Media: A Citizen’s Guide – Reclaiming the Tools of Communication and it made me nostalgic for my early experiences of the Internet when the Web was visually raw and a real collage of the ideas and creations of real people and before it became such a huge channel for more consumption. The truth is that whilst the commercial web has grown, exponentially, so has our ability to use the new tools and platforms to produce and share our own creations, it’s just that we have to pause our consumption in order to make things. That smartphone in your pocket could enslave you or set you free.

Anyway, I recently discovered the new GIF collection by the U.S National Archives on Giphy Continue reading

German Jets Versus the U.S Army Air Force by William N. Hess


ME-262 jet fighterThe Excerpt

“Even though the Mustangs had done a good job of downing the Me262s, the bombers had still taken losses. The 93rd Group (Hardwick) lost one Liberator, and the 448th lost three. The jets came in on the bombers while they flew between the Initial Point and the target. Captain John Ray’s Liberator blew up – no survivors. Lieutenant Bob Mains, of the 714th Squadron, and his crew bailed out*, and Lieutenant Shafer, also from the 714th Squadron, and his crew were last seen going down with two engines on fire. A fourth B-24 from the 448th limped home badly damaged.”

German Jets Versus the U.S Army Air Force” by William N. Hess, Speciality Press Publishers & Wholesalers, 1996

*Only one member of the Mains crew made it out alive. He was Charles Cupp and was incredibly lucky to be thrown from the aircraft as it plummeted to earth. The rest of the crew were all KIA.

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